February 27, 2021

Ghost in the Bathroom

Ghost in the Bathroom – There are many fears in the mind when you are in the bathroom, often forcing yourself to finish quickly because you feel something strange, even though maybe just bad thoughts.
Ah, but it can happen, right?
Listen to the story this time, about a ghost in the bathroom.

Ghost in the Bathroom


ieee1073.org – A bathroom, a room that is always in every building, whether it be a house, office, place of worship, mall, and so on, there must be a bathroom.
Yes, indeed the purpose is made to fulfill one of the human desires, namely cleaning oneself, aka bathing, defecating, or other activities.

In the building where it is located, the location of the bathroom is almost certainly at the back, or in a somewhat hidden location, it is rarely located at the front of the building, almost not there, right?
The contents in it also vary, from simple to luxurious.
In the past, at Grandma’s house, the bathroom still had a large water tub, next to it was a well as a source of water, and of course it was located behind the house, outside.
I also have a friend, whose bathroom is very large and luxurious, of course there is no water tub. What’s exciting is that there is a small garden in it, very suitable for daydreaming, hehe.
That’s the bathroom, along with the times, the shape, size, contents inside, and the designation is growing, you could say it’s getting more modern, but the name is still a bathroom.
But yes, many of us (including me) still have thoughts that the bathroom is a bit creepy.
Let alone in a place that we have just occupied or visited, in our own house that we have lived in since childhood, it is still lazy to go to the bathroom at midnight, especially when the house is empty there is no one.
Why are you sometimes (always) afraid of going to the bathroom? Why?

As many other friends may experience, the first boarding house is definitely only temporary, never for long, because the first boarding house is usually “The important thing is there is a place to sleep first ..” or “Meanwhile, while looking for a better one ..”, right? Yes same, me too.
But, even though I am cramped, I also have the desire to live in a comfortable boarding house, I don’t mess around. With that in mind, after being tormented by the circumstances in the first place, I finally got a better boarding house.
This second boarding house is in the Kaliurang area. Cheap and simple boarding house but clean and comfortable enough. The form of a terraced house extending to the back, there are about 15 rooms facing each other.
All rooms are only filled with a table and a bed.
Where is the bathroom?
There are four medium sized bathrooms which are located at the very back of the building, all of them still rely on water tubs and scoops, no shower showers.
The picture is like that approx.
The name is also a simple and cheap boarding house, don’t expect the atmosphere to be bright and bright, this boarding house looks a little dull and dim at night.
Likewise with the bathroom ..
As I said earlier, the bathrooms are not small, each measuring about 3×3 meters, with a water bath inside.
Four bathrooms are lined up from left to right, the lighting inside is only from a five watt lamp, not at all bright, if my friends say “The important thing is still visible, safe”, I see.
Yes, the name is also constrained by budget, I have to accept it.

Oh yeah, one more thing, the water tub in the bathroom is dark, not because it’s rarely cleaned, but it’s actually painted a dark color, so the water looks dark too, even though it’s actually clean. Why did I tell you about this tub? Because later there is a story in itself. ~~
Then time went by, spent the day living in the boarding house.
Initially I never felt there was any weirdness or awkwardness whatsoever, even though several times felt strange especially in the bathroom, but I never thought about it further, not yet.
I’m a timid, parnoan person, so if you feel something strange or creepy, I will try hard to ignore it and divert my thoughts to other things, don’t want to sink into fear because of over thinking.

In this boarding house, at first, I had experienced a few incidents that were a bit annoying, but it still hadn’t entered the scary stage so I could still easily ignore it.
For example, when you are taking a shower the bathroom lights suddenly turn off, of course it gets dark. It happened when I first lived there, so the chances are very small if a mischievous boardingmate turns off the lights,
No way, because at that time we weren’t very close. Then a few dozen seconds later, the lights came on again. Incidents like this happened several times.
For example, one day, when I was splashing using a dipper, when I was “Byuuurr”, suddenly I heard a voice of someone clearing their throat, “Eheem”, like that.
Shocked? Yes, because it doesn’t sound from the outside, but from the inside.
So, if we take a bath using a dipper, our eyes are always closed when we are pouring water over our heads, right? Now, I’m afraid that when I open my eyes after closing, suddenly there is a scary face in front, the face of the owner of the “Ehem” voice earlier. Creepy..
Those strange and awkward events, as time went by, the level increased, slowly gradually getting more and more creepy.
Earlier I talked about a water tub, a permanent water tub that is painted dark, that’s why I couldn’t see the bottom of the tub clearly.
One day, I came home at night, tired tired I think after wrestling with lectures all day.
As usual, after arriving in the room, lay down for a while, then I intended to take a shower.
The scoop containing the equipment was in hand, the towel was wrapped around my neck, around 10 o’clock I stepped into the bathroom.
To arrive, I had to go through five rooms, because my room was located in the middle.
And it looks like the other residents of the boarding house have slept or haven’t come home, because there is no life at all, it’s just lonely.
When I got to the row of bathrooms, I chose the second one from the left, then went into it.
Nothing strange, I then mendi as usual, rattled.
Until finally when he was about to do a spray to wash off the soap foam on the body, something happened.
Tub of water, has a depth of about one meter, at that time the water was full.

Well, when I was taking water, I felt something in the tub touching the dipper, it looks like the dipper I’m holding hit something, I feel like that.
I am sure of it,
Then what did my tit hit?
Same, I’m curious too.
Because of that curiosity, I then brought my face closer to the surface of the water in order to look into the tub, what’s in there?
Well, this tub that was painted a dark color, of course, made me have to work hard to sharpen my eyesight, plus the only five watt lamp.
When the water surface has calmed down no longer waves, coupled with eyes that are used to and focused, I finally saw something.
In the tub, I saw a face, at a glance I saw it was the face of a man I didn’t know at all.
At first still unsure, then continued staring at him, trying to confirm again.
It turned out to be true, it was a male face, there was a head in the water bath. A few seconds later I immediately ran outside, when I saw that face finally smiled.

It’s really scary.
The next incident was even more terrifying, happened about six months I had been living there.
Initially, I heard the news that one of the residents of the boarding house had been sick for almost a month. This sick friend finally returned to his parents’ house, until he was completely cured.
I, who was not too familiar with this sick friend, heard rumors from other residents about the cause he was sick for a long time like that, he said he was sick from shock.
Shock why?
He said, before getting sick, he saw the pocong in the bathroom. The pocong stood at the back while he was peeing.
“That’s the true story. Man, when it happened I was here, you weren’t even there.” So said Ansar, the neighbor of the boarding house on the right.
If it’s like that, how come it’s so scary, I thought so, then I can only hope that I won’t experience the same thing.
But yes, hope is just hope …
One day a few weeks later, I came home late at night, around eleven o’clock arrived at the boarding house.
As usual, after laying down for a while I went straight to the bathroom. Because it was late, at that time the boarding house was quiet, there was no sound of residents’ activity.

At first I was lazy, but how come my body felt sticky, finally I decided to take a shower.
When I was in front of the bathroom, I chose the very end, because the other doors were closed as if there were contents.
Once inside, I then started taking a shower. Normal, there are no strange events, although a little nervous considering that there have been many scary events that have happened, what’s more it’s almost midnight.
In short, the shower is almost over, it only remains to dry off with a towel.
I hand to face the door. On the bathroom door attached a round mirror the size of the face, a mirror that is often in the bathroom in general.
I washed all parts of the body including the head and face. When I was drying my head, it was certain that I couldn’t see anything because the view was covered by the towel.
When finished, when the view was finally free of the towel, I saw the mirror in front, the mirror stuck to the door.

Stunned, my heart stopped beating, when I saw the pocong from the reflection of the mirror.
The pocong was standing behind me, although he could only see his face and head, it was still very scary.
Then, again I rushed out of the bathroom.
It was true that the story that had been circulating all this time, there was a pocong in the bathroom, that night I saw it myself.

I am Fenty, a private employee based in Jakarta.
The company I work for is engaged in consulting services, our clients are spread almost all over Indonesia.
Because of the many and scattered clients, it requires us to regularly send people to visit clients outside Jakarta, one of those people is me.
Yes, so I often served out of town.
In short, as we already know, if you are on duty out of town you will definitely stay at the hotel for the required time.
That way, I have been in various kinds of hotel models. From ordinary hotels in small cities, to luxury hotels in big cities, I have lived in all of them.
From ordinary things that are not scary at all, to very scary ones.
Scary? Yes. I’ve had a scary incident that happened in a luxury hotel.
Here’s the story

Surabaya, in 2014, the company sent me alone to visit the client’s office in the city of heroes.
At that time the company placed me in a luxury hotel in the Darmo Raya area. The hotel, which is a modern building, provides upscale rooms with various facilities.
When I am in a luxury hotel like this, I will be refreshed as well, by using all available facilities.
I still remember, it was the last night in Surabaya, the next morning I had to return to Jakarta.
Usually, when it’s on the last day like this, I spend time relaxing looking for a place to unwind to eat and have coffee outside the hotel.
It was the same with that night, I spent time in one of the cafes, which is located quite far from the hotel.
After finishing “Me time”, I returned to the hotel around eight o’clock. Not directly entering the room, but first using one of the facilities, namely the gym.
Quite a long time, until 10 am I went to the gym. After that, just enter the room.
In the room, lay down for a while on the bed, relax watching TV, while waiting for the bathtub to be filled with water.
That night I intend to take a warm bath, which seems to be very delicious after a tired day of activities.
After the bathtub is full, I go into the bathroom.
The bathroom in my room is huge, there are two rooms separated by a see-through glass wall.
The first room contains two sinks in front of which is a large mirror, then there is a toilet too. The second room of course contains a bathtub where I soak.
As I said earlier, taking a warm bath after getting tired of activities is a splash of heaven, the joy is incomparable.

But, it turned out that it was only for a moment, maybe only fifteen minutes I enjoyed a warm bath, because the next time I started to feel something strange.
When I was soaking while closing my eyes, suddenly I heard something.
As if there was a woman’s voice whispering right in the ear.
“Wake up..”
It sounded like that.
Of course I was shocked, whose voice was that?
Ah, maybe I fell asleep for a while and dreamed, I’m still trying to think positively.
Then, I submerged my face, wetting my head with warm water.
Well, a few seconds later, when the head had appeared on the surface, of course I had to wash my face wiping the water.
That’s when I gasped in shock, when my vision was still not perfect because there was still water on my face. Not directly, but I saw a figure standing behind the glass wall, standing in front of the sink!
Female figure, long hair ..
In reflex I immediately rubbed my eyes then looked directly at the sink more clearly.
But, it turned out that it was no longer visible, the figure disappeared.
Terrified, I decided to finish soaking, then got out of the bathtub.
But, while still standing beside the bathtub, the bathroom lights suddenly turned off, it became dark, but there was still a little light from outside that came in through the gap under the door.

Increasingly frightened, I then hurriedly intended to go straight out of the bathroom.
Turns out it’s not that easy …
In the dim light, I feel like I’m not alone. Sure enough, when my eyes got used to it in the dark, I saw a scary figure, a woman, standing in the corner next to the toilet. He just doesn’t move, it’s so scary.
Seeing that, I immediately ran, took my clothes at random, then went out of the room.
After that I asked the hotel to change rooms.
What an experience that I will likely remember for life.
Come back to me again, Brii.
There you have it, two stories from many scary stories about ghosts in the bathroom.
That’s all for this time, see you next week.
Stay healthy so you can continue to get goosebumps together.

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