February 27, 2021

Mystery Apartments in Surabaya which are said to be full of mystical stories

Mystery Apartments in Surabaya which are said to be full of mystical stories – Apartments are dream dwellings for some people. High buildings with a number of luxurious facilities are the main attraction. However, it is not uncommon for these buildings to hold many mysteries and mystical stories.

Mystery Apartments in Surabaya which are said to be full of mystical stories


ieee1073 – Like an apartment building in the Surabaya area which is said to have a mystical story.

The building, which was founded in 1994, is built on rice fields. Since it was founded, not a few have said that this apartment is haunted.

The construction process was filled with mystical stories. Based on information circulating, the rice fields where the apartment was originally founded are often found unidentified corpses.

According to the story, during the construction process it was said that several workers had fallen from the top of the building and died.

Based on the testimony of one resident, the apartment, which has facilities such as a swimming pool, sauna, and fitness center, drugstore, and meeting room, also left a terrible incident in 2001.

The swimming pool area, which is located in the back corner of the apartment, has claimed lives.

Not only that, there was also a story of one of the students drowning in the pool and being struck by lightning. Even though at that time, the swimming pool was busy.

Summarizing various stories, often every 12 at night the pool water was choppy even though the pool area was empty. In fact, residents or new parking tenants are often bullied like being pelted with sand.

Not to forget also the appearance of strange figures in the building area such as the figure of a black man without clothes who often suddenly came out at night from behind a tamarind tree in the area behind the apartment.

Based on the investigation by the Urbanasia team, the apartment building looks shabby and poorly maintained, but until now there are still a number of security officers guarding the area.

However, there is no official information regarding the number of residents who still live in the building.

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