February 27, 2021

Registration Horror Story

Registration Horror Story – This time Mbah got permission to upload an interesting story from an accomplished writer. The story this time was raised under the guise of the name, location, time and place to maintain the privacy of the source.
“Behind a tragedy always keeps questions and truths, but in fact this story always haunts my family, especially after 16 years my brother and I know it.”

Registration Horror Story


ieee1073 – Bastian’s point of view
This afternoon, at the end of the school term, where I was sitting casually at the back of the house, after coming home helping Bapak selling groceries, which became my new activity. While waiting for my results at a university in the city of flowers.

As my mother hopes that I have to continue my education, because I remember very well “while mom and dad are still able to carry out the duties of younger siblings and sis, Salsa should get enough education, even more,”.
Even though my family is quite enough, even more, but simplicity is something that is taught in the family, to me. Mother is one of the senior teachers at one of the elementary schools (SD) in this city and you sell groceries, it’s been a long time since I was a child selling.

“Bas, how did the results of your registration have any news from the counseling teacher ?,” said Mother, sitting beside me and breaking my thoughts about how it would move if I really accepted where the same university was with my brother.

“Eh Madam, tomorrow Bastian goes to school, it seems that tomorrow there will be news on the results of the registration, hopefully it will be in accordance with the major I want,” I answered.

“Hopefully, you will accept it, last night you have had a long talk and agreed, if later you accept it, because it will automatically be a double fee with Sis. Salsa, starting from the needs of both of you, from the smallest to the tuition fee, so that you can reduce it a little. if later Bastian and Sis Salsa live in the house of their former grandmother, “said Mother explaining slowly.

“After all, you want to sell grandma’s house, isn’t there anyone who wants to buy it yet?”
“You know yourself Bas, Haman and Yayan, your two older siblings are also pengenya, but several times there were people who were interested but failed to continue to buy it, this is the reason,” said Mother.

“Yes, I just agree ma’am, Sis Salsa how does she want to do it too ?,” I asked.
“Just now at school my mother called her and she agreed, especially since the boarding fee for the two of you can be pocket money, then Bastian can take care of Sis too,” said Mother, stroking my head and smiling.

I just nodded, because indeed I also know how much your mother and father earn, especially for the past few weeks I’ve been calculating the grocery store income and expenses, indeed what you said just now is the most reasonable thing, to reduce the burden on the family.

“Tonight, I want to contact Mang Yaya first so that I can prepare the house and all the necessities in the house,” said Mother, which meant that I had agreed with what Mother had to offer me.

After a short chat this afternoon, I immediately remembered how the grandmother’s house was, even though it had been a long time, since my grandmother died when I was 3 years old, to be precise in 1997 I never went there again, only brief stories from Mother little by little. make up my memories of that house.

Because since I was little, until Grandma died I was taken care of and lived in that house. However, it was a very long time ago and remembering to turn 3 was a very difficult thing.

Until nightfall, I didn’t have any conversation with you or you, it’s just that when I was going out of the room to make coffee to the kitchen I heard the chatter of you and my mother in the living room.
“Is it okay ma’am, if they both live there ?,” asked the father, as if there was anxiety I could see from the look on his face.

“Never mind sir, it will be fine, that’s the only choice, especially when our financial condition is like this sir,” said Mother, really really convinced you because I accidentally heard this, as if I didn’t hear what they were talking about and just walked casually as usual to the kitchen, and immediately made coffee.

Finished, I walked back while approaching Mother and Father.
“Why, sir, if Bastian and Sis Salsa live in grandma’s house ?,” I asked in a very flat tone.
“It’s okay Bas, I’m just worried that you two have to take care of everything, especially if the house has to be cared for, sir,” said Mother as if she forced an answer, even though I felt that her answer was quite reasonable.

“Yes, that’s right, Bas, oiyah mang Yaya, starting tomorrow to prepare the house, so that later your move won’t be sudden,” said Bapak very calmly.

After that, I returned to the room and spent a lot of time just playing games, until sleepiness really came over to me, somehow maybe because I was tired, just 22:00 had been a few days, becoming my new bedtime.

This morning according to my plan, after as usual you are very early in the morning, you must have left for the shop, and Mother left before I left. So there is never a perfect morning to spend breakfast together, is the other side of my family which I think is unique, has been busy since morning.

After a little bit the sun started to rise this morning and after contacting the counseling teacher telling me that I was coming to school, I immediately went to school using my old motorcycle, sure enough when I got to school many of my classmates were waiting for the results of the registration.

“Alhamdulillah, you must be happy to hear this news,” I said to myself, after seeing the letter that Mrs. Bk printed and I read carefully even though it is still in the registration stage, which means that I can take the test at the same university as Ms. Salsa even according to the same major. I want.

Immediately I headed to the shop before the sun was really high today, arrived at the shop and immediately told the father about this good news.

“N Even though the father is not in high school, both of his sons can,” said the father, hugging me proudly.

“These weeks, it looks like Bastian must move immediately, sir, so that he adapts to the house and all the environment, if the word is not accepted when he has taken part in the selection at the campus, when he is there, he will get help with Salsa, sir,” I said, sitting down. at the checkout counter, who will replace you today to rest.

Father did not immediately answer what I was talking about, there was a little daydream with what I just said “Is there something wrong,” I said to myself.
“Sir, how can you even daydream again,” I said, patting your arm.
“Oh yes Bas, it could really be that better, according to just now, you called Sis. Salsa also suggested the same thing with you,” replied Bapak.
Even though there was a bit of an oddity with the conversation last night about your anxiety, but this anxiety was like something else that shook me a little too, even though I didn’t really understand the feelings I was feeling right now.
“Later in the afternoon, you will call Mang Yaya 4 more days, Saturday, this Sunday, while conditioning Salsa to move to grandma’s house,” said the father.

Then I contacted Mother during her teaching break, and suddenly made her very happy with the news I gave, and Mother was very happy, several times congratulated her, even though she still received registration.
“Can it be as simple as something like this,” I said to myself, after ending the conversation with Mother.

Spending time helping you lighten up a little and giving more time to rest for you, and I often reply to messages with Sis Salsa.

“Cie graduated in 2012 who wants to be a college boy,” a message from Sis Salsa.
“Haha sis, I’ll take me around, so I know,” I replied quickly.

“The test was successful first, it was stupid, you just want to play this one brother, eh seriously we live at grandma’s house ?,” said Sis Salsa.

“Yes, mom and dad haven’t told you, sis ?,” I replied.
“Well, if you really accept it, it will be different from the campus building with your brother, the older brother who is closer to the campus, especially if your major is different from the building, it’s okay, from grandma’s house, then tell me to package your old motorbike. money hahaha, “replied Sis Salsa.

“I thought why, so it’s easy sis, I hope you don’t want to stay at Grandma’s house,” I replied quickly.
“Yes, it’s good, I wanted it a long time but in the past two years, I was terrified to live in such a large house alone, Bas,” replied Sis Salsa.

After ending the chat via message with Sis Salsa, I had already imagined the excitement that would happen, especially when Salsa and I weren’t like brothers and sisters, I was like close friends, I told them everything, even closer.

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