February 27, 2021

The Mystery of Aul, a Two-Faced Being from Mount Gede

The Mystery of Aul, a Two-Faced Being from Mount Gede – The existence of mountains and forests is indeed famous for its mystical and horror. Therefore, it is not surprising that many explorers and mountain climbers have a horror story on each trip.

The Mystery of Aul, a Two-Faced Being from Mount Gede


ieee1073 – As experienced by a famous supernatural Indonesian, Ki Prana Lewu. In the video uploaded on his personal channel, KI Prana Lewu or often called KPL is exploring on Mount Gede Pangrango, Bogor at night with one of his crew.

During the exploration, KPL and its crew were disturbed by one of the supernatural beings who supposedly was the guardian of Mount Gede, a figure often referred to as Aul.
Obviously, the figure of aul at a glance resembles a demon whose shape is not clear. In the video, Aul is seen running after the KPL crew by walking as if staggering like a drunk.
The way Aul walks like a person is not without reason, because this figure has 2 faces on the left and on the right so that this figure may not be able to maintain his balance when walking.

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The figure of Aul has been known for a long time by the people around Mount Gede. This figure is believed by residents, namely the mastermind behind the climbers or stray residents.

According to residents’ testimonies, Aul’s figure often resembles an ordinary human being who seems to be farming in the mountain area and approaches and even invites people to talk to him.
Usually, the figure of Aul will talk to the residents like an ordinary human. In the process of chatting, it is said that humans feel mediocre and feel only 1 hour at the longest the duration of the chat.

However, in reality the chat that was carried out with Aul’s figure was late at night. Humans who Aul talk to usually will not be aware if they do not say istigfar or other prayers, even in certain cases residents can be conscious for up to 1 day or 2 days.
Until now, the surrounding community still believes that Aul’s existence is true. Having a terrible figure with long hair dangling to the ground, walking hunched over with two faces on his head I think Aul can scare anyone if he meets him.

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