February 27, 2021

Tuyul Ghost Horror Story

Tuyul Ghost Horror Story – This time, I will discuss a little about one creature that can be considered one of the urban legends in Indonesia, namely the tuyul.

Tuyul Ghost Horror Story


This is just sharing stories, please take the lesson if any.

ieee1073 – It seems like no one doesn’t know tuyul, almost everyone in Indonesia already knows. So I don’t need to explain what tuyul is anymore.
In essence, the tuyul is a supernatural being in the form of a child, bald, whose job is to steal money, and often has a master.

There are many myths about tuyul, I don’t know for sure they are true myths or even facts. One thing is certain, the opinion of most people will say that if the tuyul has a master, this master is the one who looks after the tuyul, this master also orders and orders the tuyul to steal money.
What is the goal? Yes to enrich yourself.

~ What are the characteristics of people who care for tuyul, how is Brii?
Ah, I don’t know for sure.

But there are some people who say, one of the characteristics of tuyul keepers is that when you are walking, your hands are always holding your back, so your position is like carrying a small child. That was because the person was carrying the tuyul, he said.

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Some say that the tuyul keeper of his house always has a back door, and at the back door there is always a mat made of coconut husk.

He said, when tuyul came home from carrying out his duties he would always enter from the back door and clean his feet using a coconut husk mat.

And there are many other words.

So this time I will share a story about my own experience about tuyul ..
Since childhood, I have seen tuyul several times, or what I think is tuyul. One by one I will tell you what happened, not tonight.

I will start with a childhood friend’s story.
So five years ago, I had a small reunion with an elementary school friend. Why is it small, yes, because the participants are only 7 people, but still busy, hehe.

Like a reunion, we will return to the past, in this case our elementary school days.
Many things are never stale to be told again, many stories are very interesting to discuss again.
Various topics were discussed, but the most exciting thing was of course talking about scary stories, ghosts, mysticals, and in tune.

Me and my elementary school friends just happened to live not in a big city, so there were still many places and areas that were scary enough to be visited at that time, so many childhood stories were peppered with scary experiences.
Well, finally we drowned in sharing the scary experiences of each.
In short, there is one friend, whose name is Ana, he and his family still live and live in Cilegon. At that time, Ana told about a scary experience she was having at that time, and I was very interested. Why are you interested? Because Ana discussed tuyul.
Yes, tuyul ..

So at that time Ana told me that she lost money in the house where she lived several times. At first she thought the perpetrator was her child who was still in elementary school, or household member.

This incident was enough to make Ana and her husband uneasy, having ended up fighting several times.
The money that was lost was also quite good, hundreds of thousands were lost once.

After who knew how many times there were losses, finally an investigation was carried out. Asked one by one the family members at home, the answer is certain that no one has admitted.

All right, after conducting an unsuccessful investigation, Ana and her husband decide to buy a safe with a key. A safe large enough to hold money and other valuables.

After already having the safe, for a few weeks there were no more losses.
But a month later it turned out that another incident happened, the money in the chest was missing, strange …

Ana said, even though the lock of the chest was placed in a very hidden place, no one would know other than her and her husband.

What’s odd is that the safe is still locked when Ana realizes that its contents have decreased. The chest wasn’t damaged at all.

Not all of the contents in the safe were lost, there were still hundreds of thousands of pieces left and jewelry, not all of them.

They are also confused, how come the safe is locked but can still be lost in it? How to?
Intrigued, they finally decided to install a surveillance camera, the camera was directed at the door of the large cabinet, the place where the safe was inside.

After the camera was installed and turned on, Ana watched the video regularly, almost every day.
It was the same as when they bought the safe before, there was no loss of money and valuables in the chest for about a month after the camera was installed, safe.
But suddenly a month later it happened again, some money was lost, this time a lot, up to millions of rupiah.

Exasperated, finally Ana and her husband check the video captured by the camera.
“Hmmmm, in the end who the thief was caught,” they said before watching the video, absolutely certain that the thief would be caught on camera.

But, it wasn’t like that. The camera did not capture any images, the thief was not visible, no one could be seen opening the cupboard and then opening the safe to steal its contents. Nothing..
Then, who can retrieve the contents of the safe without opening the door?

That’s when Ana and her husband thought that the stealing was not a human, but a supernatural being.
Is it possible?

Ana, who had believed from childhood and often struggled with mystical things, immediately had many questions in her head.

To answer that, Ana’s husband has an idea to prove it.
“So, my husband went straight to the market, he wanted to buy rubbing ash.” So said Ana when she told us what happened.

“Ash rub? What for Na? ” I asked curiously.
For those who don’t know, the rubbing ash that Ana means is an object that looks like sand, made from the result of burning. If people in rural areas used to use scrubbing ash to wash dishes or other household furniture, more often it is for washing dishes.

“The rubbing ash will later be sprinkled around the safe and around the cupboard. Thinly sprinkled. ” So said Ana.
Then why do you have to scrub ash?
“My husband said, rubbing ashes could not be detected by the thief, which at that time we did not know what kind of creature this thief was.” That’s what Ana explained.

Yes, finally Ana and her husband sprinkled rubbing ashes around the safe and cupboard, sprinkled thinly.
After that, they could only wait.

One day, two days, one week, two weeks, nothing happened, the money in the chest was still intact.
But, almost two months later, finally it happened again, the money in the chest was partially missing.
In this incident, the surveillance camera still didn’t catch anything, no object was caught on camera stealing.

But that’s not the case with rubbing ash. Ashes were sprinkled around crates and cupboards.
The rubbing ash caught traces of the perpetrators of theft.
Above the thin sprinkling of rubbing ash, Ana and her husband noticed that there were small footprints, which seemed to come and then go. These footprints are about the size of a newborn human baby, that’s about the size.
Ana and her husband can draw conclusions about who the thief of their money has been.
Looks like tuyul ..

Still about tuyul.
In the village where I lived when I was a child, there was also a quite exciting event. It happened, there were several residents who lost money and valuables in their homes.

Suddenly all the residents immediately began to actively carry out the security system, guarding the night.
But even though there has been system of security and high vigilance, there is still news of loss. What is mostly reported is the loss of money.
True, his name is also in the village, so stories circulating that the perpetrator of the theft was the tuyul, the legendary creature.

After circulating about the tuyul story, then my village became even more tense, especially at night. Many of the residents don’t dare to go out at night, feel more secure at home, guarding their money and other assets.
Well, whether it’s a coincidence or not, when the tuyul story was raging, my father and I experienced a strange and quite scary incident.

Here’s the story ..
So one evening we returned home after visiting from your home.
My father and I rode on a motorbike, if I’m not mistaken I was still in fourth grade, so I could still sit in the front when riding a motorcycle with you.

As I said earlier, at that time, there were many stories about tuyul haunting, so the village atmosphere was very quiet when we arrived at the entrance, because it was almost midnight too, around eleven o’clock.
At that time, Bapak deliberately took a back road which was still very quiet, passed a small dirt road through a coconut tree plantation, and through a cemetery as well. Anyway, the atmosphere is scary.

I was already sleepy before, so I came back refreshed because I felt the eerie atmosphere.
“What is it, Papa, why do you go through the back road like this, isn’t it scary?” I said that to you.
“Let Brii fast, the distance is shorter, hehe.” Once he answered.

Well, I can only surrender while continuing to look forward, the view is almost dark because it is only assisted by the light from the Suzuki 100cc motorcycle headlights.

The night wind was so cold, but still I was tense watching this very quiet road.
Until finally suddenly, Bapak stepped on the brake pedal rather suddenly, until finally the motorbike stopped, even though our house was only a few minutes away.
“What’s the matter, Pa?” Ask me.

Dad just paused, but his voice softly, “Ssssttt.” So.
I was curious why the motorbike suddenly stopped, heard your voice like that and immediately paid attention to your surroundings, sharpened your eyesight.

“Don’t be afraid, Brii.” Once you said again.
I’m silent, don’t dare to say anything.

And, a few seconds later I finally got the answer why you stopped suddenly.
Two or three meters ahead of us, under the light of the motorbike lights that weren’t too bright, I saw two small figures standing in the middle of the road.

This figure is only about 30 or 40 centimeters tall, looks like a child without any clothes, body color is dark but not like a dark shadow or silhouette, dark black like dry charcoal.
I just watched the two scary figures, they continued to stand still as if they were watching us too.
Spooky? Yes, I’m scared.

At that time I also heard Father reading a prayer, holy verses coming out of his mouth.
Who knows how many minutes it has been, finally the two figures moved away from their place, trotted into the dark, then disappeared.
What is that creature? Did you? It seems so..

Enough of the story this time,
If anyone wants to share their experiences about tuyul, please.
See you with my next story.
Keep up the health protocol, don’t get sick.

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